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Sport Horses.  All Rights Reserved. 

  All services require current annual membership 

Lifetime Horse Registration- $150.00

Annual -   $75.00
Lifetime - $500.00

DNA- $100.00 (Required for all Horses)

Optional services:

Inspection Fee - $125.00 ($100.00 towards Inspection and $25.00 towards Year End 
Inspection Awards)

Video Inspection Fee - $75.00 Includes ribbons, 1-3 medals (after 20 evaluations) and entry into year-end medals/certificates and HOY awards! 

OPEN on Site Inspection fee for non-members and not AWS registered horses  - $200.00
OPEN Video Inspections fee "                                                                             " - $150.00
These services will receive a score sheet and an official Inspection Certification. They are not eligible for any AWS awards.

Branding - $125.00(Available at Site inspections only, must pre qualify with a score of 67% or higher.)

Lifetime 5-Star Recognition - $125.00  ($25.00 to upgrade/add new star to certificate)

Transfer of ownership- $100.00

Awards Program:
Annual -   $75.00​
Lifetime - $500.00

Lifetime Approval for Breeding - (Includes Entry into 5 Star Program)

Stallions  -  $300.00 
Mares -  $200.00

SPECIAL SERVICES – all  $50.00

Correction of registration certificate (after 60 day grace period for AWS clerical errors)
Duplicate certificate
Horse name change

RUSH Paperwork Fee $100.00

Contact Us: awsdir2013@gmail.com