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All AWS sport horses are evaluated on their own qualities and/or performance records. The AWS is open to all breeds of horses and ponies. Whether previously registered (would be recorded with AWS) or non-registered  as long as the horse is breeding, training  or participating in one of the four disciplines that the AWS supports (Dressage, Eventing, Jumping or Combined Driving).

 Eligibility for Registration
 To be eligible for registration a horse can be of any breed or combination thereof. The sire and dam is not required to be registered for the offspring to be registered.

The formerly known nominated book is now combined in the main book.

 Types of Books
 The Main Book, and Elite Book (see below) are maintained by the National Office for all registered and recorded horses. The registration provided is for the lifetime of the horse.

 Main Book
 For Main Book registered horses pedigree history is desirable, but not required. Main Book horses qualify through their own performance.

Elite Book
 For Elite Book- pedigree/bloodline history is required. This history must provide evidence of four generations of proven, documented sport horse performance in one of the four sports supported by the AWS (see guidelines above). The horse that is to be registered is automatically included in the four generations. 

 Sport Pony
Sport Pony book provides a book for performance ponies. As this book grows in numbers they will have their own awards separated from the main book. There is a minimum size is 13.0 hands and a maximum for 14.2 hands.

To register a horse with the AWS the owner must:

 Provide the completed  registration pages on the home page under quick links. Include all applicable information such as known bloodlines, as this could qualify your horse for the Elite Book. Please fill out as much as possible, state unknown when applicable. All fees must be included with application.

 Become a current AWS member. All owners, riders or representatives of registered horses must become current AWS members for all services including new registrations..

 DNA testing is required for all horses to start the important task of tracking bloodlines, performance and ownership.

Provide as much as possible: 

A. completed Breeding/Covering Certificate. 

B .copy of previous registration papers. (if horse is previously registered with another association).

C. Provide DNA case number if horse was previously DNA tested.

 Provide the qualifying performance score copies or documents from any of the following, if available:

 Recognized  USDF/USEF Sport Horse In-Hand class (any age) - 62% - (open to all breeds or AWS only)

 Dressage - training level or higher for dressage horses - 62% - USDF/USEF Recognized Classes (Unrestricted breed classes).

Recognized USDF/USEF Sport horse in-hand class (any age) -62% or higher (open to all breed or AWS only.

Recognized USDF/USEF Materiale class 62% or higher (open to all breeds or AWS only).

Eventing - 55 penalties maximum dressage test at any level, without elimination or retirement or withdrawal at an USEA/USEF recognized event.

 Combined Driving - same criteria as Eventing (above) except at Preliminary level at ADS/USEF recognized event.

 Show Jumping - Placing 1st - 15th in an USEF recognized class 

 Recognized Sport Horse Breed Registry Inspection - 62%

 AWS scores from minimum of three (3) offspring that have passed the performance requirements and are registered with the AWS will satisfy performance requirements for the sire or dam.

 A "Pending" Certificate of Registration will be sent, if you can not satisfy any one of the above qualifiers at the time of registration. The horse has its lifetime to satisfy one o
if the above performance requirements. The "Pending" Certificate of Registration proves all registration fees have been paid and contains the horses pedigree, owner information and states the performance requirements still required. 

                                                  Please fill out all needed forms and email, fax or mail WITH FEES  to:

                                                                        The American Warmblood Society
                                                                        P.O. Box 1561
                                                                    Higley, AZ 85236-1561
                                                                (480) 251-0348 fax (520) 568-3318
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