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Pik Ravenclaw /*/*/ /*/*/     2014 STALLION OF THE YEAR
Winning bid of $400.00 was
by Terry Busch

*Stellar TVR /*/ /*/ / / 
Min bid of $400.00 available 

Five Kings  HsH /*/ / / / /
 $550.00 Winning bid  
by Jen Tarr

Heza Smokn Sensation / / /*/ / /
Min bid of $400.00 available 

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2016 Service Stallion Auction Bids
Pik Ravenclaw /*/*/ /*/ /
To Bid on a Stallion, fill out the below Contact Us Form with your Name, Email, Phone, and in the Message block enter the Stallion you wish to bid on and the Amount you wish to bid.  We will send a receipt Email back to you confirming we received your bid. Please Read details on Bidding Process Information Click Here:   
NOTE:  There is a minimum Bid of $400.00 and must go up in $50.00 increments.
*Stellar TVR /*/ /*/ / /
Five Kings HsH /*/ / / / /
Thank you for your participation and support of the AWS!  
A min. bid of $400.00 may be placed on Stallions not bid on.  Inquire within to contact Stallion Owners.
You MUST ENTER PHONE NUMBER, in case we have to reach you and your email is not working!
Heza Smokn Sensation / / /*/ / /
Sax Gold Dust /*/ / / / /
Min bid of $400.00 available
Sax Gold Dust /*/ / / / /
Halimey Go *Ps* / /*/*/ /
Winning bid of $450.00 was placed by Kelly Greene
Halimey Go *Ps* / /*/*/ /