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Performance Requirements 
(Updated as of May 2015)

We Americans LOVE choices! The American Warmblood Society offers many choices to satisfy the Performance Requirement (PR) for full registration. 

You may submit one of these scoresheets/show record (see below) or submit a video inspection, or sign up on-site inspection in your area (inspection entry form). 

Common Questions asked;

Q:  May I register my young horse/mature horse if they have not competed or attended an inspection?

A:  You may register your horse now and receive a “Pending” certificate and later upgrade to the “Official” certificate. You have your horse’s lifetime to upgrade it’s status. 

Q:  What if my horse is still “Pending” and I have completed the performance requirements to achieve an official Registration? 

A:  You may fill out a change form to upgrade your certificate from “Pending” to receive an “Official” Certificate of Registration. Please send in your original “Pending” Certificate, and change request form and fees to AWS. You will receive a gold “Official” Certificate of Registration that is of high quality to be very proud of!

Qualifying Performance Venues
1. Sport Horse / In-Hand (any age) in OPEN recognized USEF OPEN (unrestricted Breed) or AWS Classes only - Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher

2. Dressage - (USDF Recognized show) minimum Training Level Test 1 - Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher 

3. Materiale - (USDF Recognized show) Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher overall score

4. Eventing - (USEA Recognized event) Cannot have more than a maximum of 55 penalties at novice level (or higher) without elimination, retirement, or withdrawal

5. Eventing - USEA Young Horse  

6 Combined Driving - (ADS Recognized event) same as Eventing except preliminary level

7. Hunter or Hunter Breeding In-Hand Class– Baby Green 2’6” min or 8 horses or In-Hand Min Score of 62% or higher

8. Show Jumping - USEF Placing 1st - 5th Place in any USEF recognized class

9. Recognized Sport Horse Inspection - Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher%

10. Mare breeding waiver - Minimum of three (3) offspring that have passed the performance requirements and are registered with AWS. 

11. Stallion breeding waiver - Minimum of five (5) offspring that have passed the performance requirements and are registered with AWS. 

 12. Submit Video Inspection (Utilizes the exact same criteria as a Physical Site Inspection by a Judge) – Must achieve a minimum overall score of 62% or higher

           Video Inspections will be judged with the criteria/directives as the on-site inspections
            The benefits of on-site/video inspections include:

                           Receive an AWS Official Score Sheet

                          Receive an AWS Official gold Certificate of Registration

                         Received Quality Designations – RED, BLUE, SUPREME designations on your certificates and ribbons awarded                          accordingly reflective of your horse’s overall score

                        Receive Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for top three horses at a physical inspection, and top three horses after                               every (20) horses received at AWS for the submitted video inspections

                       Horses will qualify for Year-End-Awards and receive 2” Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals and Horse of the Year                            awards

For a downloadable and printable copy click here: