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The AWS offers on-site inspections every year to offer one way for American Warmbloods to satisfy their performance requirement; this is the most educational and our members will receive much more benefits. The inspection process can also give valuable insight into your horses individual gaits and conformation from an objective judge. The only way to achieve the ranking be of: Certified, Red preferred , Blue Preferred or Supreme, depending on the horses score at the inspection. Our AWS horses win, ribbons, medals and enter into the Year-End medals and HOY awards as well.

Are you interested in hosting an AWS Inspection? Please review the Organizer Interest Form and Organizers Requirements to see how we can partner to bring the AWS to your farm. Please contact the National Office more details.
Contact us awsdir2013@gmail.com

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The following link is a video that was made by one of our members, Dana Tallar based on her experience with her horse, Cummins Turbo Diesel.  A light-hearted way to look at the inspection process.  Please enjoy her inspection experience.
                                    ***********AWS IS NOW ALLOWING "OPEN" HORSES AT  INSPECTIONS ****************
It has been suggested throughout the years to inspect horses that are NOT AWS registered for a quality evaluation of performance abilities as well as a SUPER venue to market/sell horses! WE are implementing a pilot program for 2015 at the inspections. There will be a $200.00 entry fee for all "OPEN" non-AWS horses/members. In return the horses will receive an AWS score sheet marked OPEN and an AWS inspection certification later in the mail. The new inspection entry form will be available on our website in the next few days. If you have any other questions, please email awsdir2013@gmail.com or call 

                                     The AWS Inspections provide education and quality designations to your American Warmbloods!  
The past few years has been hard to fill the on-site inspections and this year is no exception! If we do not get the min for the entries for the inspections this year and they are canceled, we will not be able to offer inspections in the future. This is will be HUGE loss as it is a great learning experience (for anyone that has attended in the past can verify). All horses will have to satisfy the performance requirement thru the sports/performance. Sign up for an inspection today! Show your support! Many horses have "Pending" certificates. Sign up for an inspection and get a scoresheet, qualtiy designation and WIN ribbons and medals! 
GET EXCITED! Here is some wonderful news! Our super member, Denise Browne Gainey had an idea and we are going to run with it! The cost of conducting inspections has risen substantially in the past 5 years. We have had to raise our prices to match the expense with our members absorbing the cost as well as AWS when they are postponed or cancelled. We are going to implement a pilot program of video Inspections starting May 1, 2015. We will offer the service of reviewing QUALITY You-Tube, DVD or CD videos of your horses while on the triangle and at liberty with the same criteria as our inspections. We will offer this service for $75.00 for registered horses or $150.00 for non-registered horses. This will satisfy the performance requirement of newly registered horses and "pending" horses. For our registered horses, this inspection review will give you an inspection score sheet, the same (horse quality) DESIGNATION on your certificate of registration included with medals 1-3 and ribbons (after 20 reviews). We will offer the same beautiful 2" year-end inspection medals and HOY awards. This service is limited to 2 video reviews only per horse with no exceptions. We give a 2nd chance to get us a quality video with all the criteria we ask for to completely and fairly evaluate all the horses. We will use the same inspection entry form and have video inspection as an option.  Get all those "Pending" horses evaluated now and receive our "Official" Certificate of Registration!

 NOTE: If you do not have an inspection in your area, create your own inspection video and send it in with your forms/fees.

SEE the links below- Video Inspection Criteria / Video Inspection Examples Google+ Site
We have the links for Video Examples at our Google+ Site American Warmblood Society and Video Inspection Criteria available for your education, in order to perform your own inspection on video for the inspectors to judge

To satisfy the performance requirement with a video inspection for; 
Our pending registration horses >use the change form and inspection entry form with video. Enclose the original pending certificate as well. 
New registrations send in registration forms,Inspection entry form and video with fees.