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The AWS is now accepting Inspection Bookings for the current Inspection Season.  Please support this worthy educational experience and get a quality designation  that will enhance the value of your horse! Select inspection information on the links for more details. 
Please support the inspections if you can. If you can't bring a horse, bring your pony club, 4H group or dressage or young riders group and lets all learn from each other! Auditors are always welcome and FREE! Don't forget! There may be possibilities of some private inspections that could be additions close to existing inspections, call and inquire.             


1.  DNA is required for all new registrations Required DNA has been implemented, although it is an extra cost it is well worth ultimate proof of identification. 

2.  Annual memberships fees are $65.00! Annual memberships will begin Jan 1st  to Dec 31st - (This is to streamline accounting and be in alignment with other organizations).

3.  Annual memberships for junior/young riders and adult riders will be required with national awards, but will have a reduced fee at $35.00.

We sincerely thank you for your business, being so understanding and having continued support of AWS!  


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In 2016, we will be awarding an AWS championship medal! The American Warmblood Society is now offering local Awards as a membership PERK! Please go to the calendar and current events page for a list of participating shows! 
It has been suggested throughout the years to inspect horses that are NOT AWS registered for a quality evaluation of performance abilities as well as a SUPER venue to market/sell horses! WE are implementing a pilot program for the 2015 at the inspections. There will be a $200.00 entry fee for all "OPEN" non-AWS horses/members. In return the horses will receive an AWS score sheet marked OPEN and an AWS inspection certification later in the mail. The new inspection entry form will be available on our website in the next few days. If you have any other questions, please email awsdir2013@gmail.com or call anytime 480-251-0348. 08/20/2014

Announcing! The AWS is honoring all Appaloosa Sport Horse Association (ApSHA)registrations.  Effective July 1, 2014 (6/30/14) the AWS will exchange the ApSHA certificates of registration for an AWS horse registration at no cost. To transfer Horse Registries Click Here:
The AWS  will be giving a Free (no-extra cost) micro-chipping kit and Micro-chip data base service to all new horse registrations starting in 2015 (with fully paid fees). This is to protect and verify ownership, identify horses and help the whole horse community at-large to be responsible! This is a very positive step forward in the United States Equestrian Community and a super reason to register more of your wonderful American Warmbloods!  


THE AWS IS NOW RECOGNISING HUNTERS FOR LOCAL AND NATIONAL AWARDS and is  another way to satisfy the performance requirement for full registration.

AWS is now accepting video inspection submissions.  Please go the the INSPECTIONS page and click on the Video Criteria button for more details.  We also have video inspection examples on our Google+ page on our American Warmblood Society channel
See the newly updated performance requirements to include Hunter's, Video Inspections, ect. 
Go to the Performance Requirements Page: