2015 Inspection Year-End Awards
​    Congratulations to all our Inspection Winners!

 Inspection Horse of the Year *83.25 Riptide owned by Amy Sertl*

1st Place  - 83.25  Riptide owned by Amy Sertl
2nd Place - 75.90 Amerigo owned by Cheryl Jackley
3rd Place - 75.05  Madame Maxime owned by Diane Davis
4th Place - 72.05 Millie Mikado owned by Leslie Granger
5th Place - 68.95 Bella Dear owned by Lois Aichholz
6th Place -  67.3 Fairy Gold owned by Kim Burk 

2 year olds
1st Place - 76.30 Pik Coeur D'or owned by Kimberly Mayfield
2nd Place - 72.65 Counterstrike owned by Lisa Leonhardt
3rd Place - 71.75 Beau Kay owned by Pamela Bishop
4th Place - 69.50 Easter Bonnet owned by Jojo Levy Kyger
5th Place - 69.30 Comets Jet Ronin owned by Sheri Henderson
6th Place - Gonz Sailing owned by Amy Burkemper

Mature horse 
1st Place - 70.98 Romantic Star owned by Meghann Hail
2nd Place - 70.60 Ralfland Ranger owned by Lee Ann Laughlin
3rd Place -70.28  Gon With The Wind owned by Pam Bishop
4th Place - 68.13 Ginger owned by Amy Sertl
5th Place - 67.78 Artful Catterina owned by Cher Ciaburri

Bella Dear
Easter Bonnet
Beau Kay
Fairy Gold
Gon with the Wind
Madame Maxime
Millie Mikado
Pik Coeur D'or