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The American Warmblood Society (AWS) is an international Performance Sporthorse Registry whose main goal and purpose is to represent, promote, award and aid in the development of talented sport horses of all bloodlines from the grass roots through the Olympic levels.

The AWS is a forerunner as a registry for identifying horses in North America. In 2014, all horses were required to be DNA tested or have a DNA case number. In 2015, the AWS will be giving away FREE micro-chipping kits and access to micro-chipping data-base with every new registration! 2015 will be a very exciting time to be registered with us!

The AWS has developed NEW custom award medals in 2014. Beginning in 2014, our awards will include not only USDF medals but AWS AMAZING 2" medals as well!  We are lowering our annual membership to $65.00 and $35.00 membership for non-owner riders and young riders! 

What makes us different? The AWS is the one place you can show a horse and be judged solely and completely on you and your horse's abilities. Our Society is very owner-rider friendly and promotes the breeding of excellent sporthorses across bloodlines. You do not have to hire a politically correct trainer in order to receive a good score or placing at an inspection!  This has attracted thousands of participants and continues to grow at phenomenal rates. Trainers and instructors are finding that their students and horses are being judged fairly on only ability and performance. The various registries all differ, but the AWS educates, represents, promotes and AWARDS Dressage Horses as well as horses in Eventing, Show Jumping and Combined Driving and NOW welcoming HUNTERS In 2015

The AWS strives to provide wide range of resources and information. Membership opens the doors to a large American Warmblood community and provides access to clinics, inspections, FREE Local Awards and National AWARDS programs that the AWS offers. This website is intended as a convenient, enjoyable, and effective resource where members and guests can learn more about the organization and stay updated on news and events regarding your American Warmblood. Please take time to explore the site and take advantage of everything available here.

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Welcome to the American Warmblood Society.
         A Performance Sporthorse Registry
                                               AWS Benefits
1)   Annual Stallion Service Auction
      Breed to the Stallion of your dreams in a fun and exciting way at an affordable price!
      Take advantage of the AWS "Approved" Stallions in your breeding program.

2)  Inspections Throughout the USA
     Special awards are given at the inspections in addition to year end  awards.    
      Auditors are always welcomed at the inspections at no cost.  The inspections are 
      conducted in an open format that is highly educational and can enhance your 
      breeding program. 

3) a). Local Awards that are USEF/USDF/USEA/ADA recognized. 
           These awards are included as a AWS member. See the Awards page or calendar    
           and events page for participating shows!
    b). National Awards Program- see awards program details!
           Are you competing in Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Combined Driving or HUNTERS
           Don't forget to sign up for the National Annual Awards!  Get those medals & awards you             deserve!. 
           For USDF ALL-Breeds participation members need to join USDF ALL-Breeds Program,              in addition to the AWS program.

4)  Fast and Friendly Membership Servicing
     Customer service is a priority!  If you are not happy for any reason, let us know and we    
​     will make it right the first time!

5.)  EFFECTIVE in 2015....FREE Micro-chipping KIT & Database registration with every NEW AWS Horse Registration
The AWS Inspections provide education and quality designations to your American Warmbloods!  
VIDEO INSPECTIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! SEE Inspection information on top of page for  more information! 
The past few years has been hard to fill the inspections and this year is no exception! If we do not get the min for the entries for the inspections this year and they are canceled we will not be able to offer inspections in the future. This will be HUGE loss as it is a great learning experience (for anyone that has attended in the past can verify).  All horses will have to satisfy the performance requirement thru the sports/performance. Sign up for an inspection today! If your horse has a "Pending" registration get signed up! Show your support! 
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 Sarah Spaulding
  (AWS Facebook Administrator)
2013 Year End Award are now posted on the 2013 Dressage Awards page:

2013 AWS Inspection/Eventing/ShowJumping Year End Awards page:

Congratulations to all competitors!
Donnie's Pride and Joy, Megan Daves

(Click on link below to go to Announcements Page for more details)
The AWS is now accepting Appaloosa Sport Horse Association (ApSHA) registrations for FREE AWS lifetime horse registrations
Service Stallion Auction Details

AWS 2015 Approved Stallion Service Auction is closed
SEE available stallions service for 400.00 with no booking fee! 
Service Stallion Auction Details
New Breeder's Page: Advertise your Breeding Program on our site.  Click More Info to go to Breeder's Page for application to add your's to our's.  
Service Stallion Auction Details
SEE THE WINNERS! US Dressage Finals Champions in Lexington, KY 
     April Showers are Here!
 A Transfer of Ownership Sale! 
     Use Coupon code: April 
for $25.00 off a transfer and 2015 membership. 

VIDEO INSPECTIONS  are available effective May 1, 2015! 
Service Stallion Auction Details
2014 completed Inspection Results Posted!  Click on link to go to Results page
The AWS is now recognizing the HUNTER sport for Local and National Awards and to satisfy the performance requirements for registration. 
2014 Inspection Year End Awards Results Page Now Available 
2014 Year End Dressage Awards Results Page Now Available 
2014 Year End Eventing and Show Jumping Results Page Now Available